Advanced practitioner

Hereford, County of Herefordshire
£32,878 - £36, 876 per annum
07 Mar 2019
04 Apr 2019
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We want all children in Herefordshire to have the best start in life and grow up healthy, happy and safe within supportive family environments. We want them to have the best possible health, education and opportunities to enable them to reach their full potential.

How do we do this? By having dynamic, dedicated and passionate staff who work in a culture that focuses on what we can achieve with children, what they can achieve themselves and the relationships with families and partners.

Herefordshire’s Children and Families Service are seeking people with a child-centred, strengths based approach to practice and have well tested assessment and report writing skills. You will have practice knowledge of “Working Together” and be familiar with Child Protection policies and procedures.

We offer you a supportive team, flexible working, and access to an individual learning fund of £250 per year in addition to our comprehensive CPD programme.

We are currently looking for

Job Title: Advanced practitioner

Salary: £32,878 - £36, 876 per annum

Directorate: Children’s Well-being

Division/Department: Safeguarding and family support

Grade: HC09

Section/Location: Nelson House

Organisational information:

Responsible to: Principal Social Worker

Professionally responsible to:

(where appropriate)


(quantifiable measures relating to the post, such as number of staff managed, number of patients, size of local population, budgets and so on)

Responsible for: see below

Key relationships/Functional links with:

(main relationships with people inside and outside the organisation that the post holder will come into contact with during the course of their work)

Internal: All Social Workers and children’s social care practitioners within Children’s Well-being directorate

External: Principal Social Workers regionally and nationally, staff teaching Social Work in regional Universities, representatives of partner agencies including Police, Wye Valley NHS Trust, Clinical Commissioning Group and relevant 3rd sector organisations.

Main Purpose of Job:

This is the main purpose or objective of the job – a short statement of why the job exists

Post will work as part of a small Social Work Academy team to support the work of the Principal Social worker by contributing to the co-ordination and delivery of the continuing professional development programme; leading on the development and review of polices and procedures; developing and embedding social work standards of practice within the organisation; providing consultations to front line social workers in relation to complex cases; co-working with social workers specific assessments and/or interventions as agreed with relevant team managers and supporting the service to become an organisation where social work can flourish.

Main Responsibilities / Accountabilities / Key Result Areas:

The jobholder will be expected to complete the responsibilities / accountabilities effectively in order to deliver the key objectives of the organisation

To champion professional social work practice within the Council and across the local partnership, and contribute to developments at a regional and national level (weekly).

To contribute to the implementation of a Social Work model of practice (weekly).

To contribute to the development and embedding of practice standards within the service (weekly).

To contribute to the training and development of the workforce, including the continuous professional development of all children’s social care staff (weekly).

To contribute to the management, recruitment and support of newly qualified social workers through the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE) (monthly).

To provide consultations to children’s social care practitioners on complex cases (weekly).

To co-work specific assessments and/or direct work with children’s social care practitioners (weekly).

To contribute to the development of the department’s social workers linked to national and regional legislation and guidance, including policy and procedures and their implementation to ensure best outcomes for children are achieved (monthly).

To undertake research and analysis when required, to inform the development and improvement of policy, procedure and practice (monthly).

To facilitate effective and representative forums for social workers and other social care practitioners to hear feedback about services and gather information about the improvements or changes that may be needed to improve practice as requested by the Principal Social Worker (monthly).

To regularly quality assure social work practice as requested by the Principal Social Worker or Senior Management team (monthly).

Support the PSW in establishing a rapport and developing a relationship with internal and external training, learning and development providers, including Higher Education Institutions to advise and consult about social work programmes, research opportunities and the exchange of academic and applied learning and practice expertise (monthly).

To keep up to date with research, best practice and sector led developments and support social workers and their managers are able to access and utilise Research in Practice, Community Care Inform and other relevant on-line learning tools, applications and other resources to support practice (weekly).

To contribute to the creation of a learning environment that provides opportunities for professional challenge, support and reflection to enable social workers, allied practitioners and multi-agency/disciplinary professionals to work effectively together as part of a multi-agency / disciplinary team around the child/family (weekly).

To assist with the development and review of policies and procedures relating to the delivery of social work services to build safety and reduce the risk of significant harm for children and young people (monthly).

To support the Principal Social Worker to consult with children, young people and their parents/carers about the quality of the social work service that they have received or would like to receive and ascertain their views, wishes and feeling to inform recommendations to leaders and managers so that service improvements can be made and examples of best practice can be celebrated (monthly). 

To operate in accordance with the Council’s values and adhere to all relevant policies and procedures in the execution of all roles, functions and duties (weekly). 

To practice in accordance with the HCPC’s profession-specific standards or proficiency and standards of conduct, performance and ethics (weekly).

DATA QUALITY (mandatory clauses)

Council Service Managers

To ensure that information and data provided or used by the service is accurate, valid, reliable, timely, relevant and complete for the purpose intended and that analyses are robust and clearly presented.

Council Managers (including supervisors and team leaders)

Working within resources provided; to ensure local systems, skills and processes are in place and applied consistently to secure high quality information, data, analyses and reports.

Council staff

To follow the relevant procedures for ensuring that information and data is collected and recorded accurately thus enabling the production of reliable analyses and reports.

Disclosure type:  enhanced

General information:

The post holder will be required to comply with organisation’s policies and procedures.

The organisation has a no smoking policy. Staff are not permitted to smoke on any of the organisation’s premises nor in any vehicle used on organisation business.

For all school staff and any post working with children, young people and vulnerable adults.

Employees have a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults. It is an essential requirement that staff are aware of the Herefordshire Safeguarding procedures for sharing information about the welfare of any person for whom they have safeguarding concerns. Staff have a duty to ensure they attend training to enable them to recognise the indicators for concerning behaviour and receive safeguarding supervision as appropriate.

This Job Description covers the main duties and responsibilities of the job and will be subject to review and amendment, in consultation with the post holder, to meet the changing needs of the organisation.

Other activities commensurate with this Job Description may from time to time be undertaken by the post holder.

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