Recruitment Consultant - Industrial Perm

Conrad Brookes Consultancy Limited
28000.00 GBP Annual
07 Aug 2018
04 Sep 2018
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Planning your recruitment career? Have a plan on where you want to be? Then why do you work for a company that has no tangible plan? If they don't have a plan, then how can you know if its fits with your plan? Why are you even there? You think things will get better?

You got into recruitment because someone told you it pays well. But why do you feel like you are not getting paid well? Probably because you're not. You just billed 12k, but saw GBP200??? Now we are talking about it, why do you have a 3x on your basic threshold? Why are you lucky to see 5-10% over that insane figure? Especially when your company makes permanent placements at GBP500 a pop? Good luck with that??? You're not going to see any of that, but the owner can get the new 2018 Bentley when they have 30 of you doing it for them in a sweat shop???

The good news is, this recruitment agency has a plan, and the owners not a narcissist that runs a cult of personality...

Established in 2010, in what was best described as a fragmented recruitment market full of false promises to clients, and employees, this team has set a plan and taken steps to make it happen. This has been via organic growth, and acquisitional development. From one to nine offices in seven years covering four huge markets of recruitment, the plan is working. Its growing, their staff are growing. Are you growing?

They have traditional agency services and client relationships in Office and Professional, Industrial and Technical, Health and Social care as well as Food Manufacturing. Both temporary staffing and permanent recruitment.

They want you to work the way that works for you. With training when needed that fits you, but autonomy to do the job the way you want. This single reason has been a huge driver of low attrition across their branch network.

The best news is the bonus structure. Being a management team that wants to share the success with the people that make it happen, you, they have the best bonus we have seen for a long time.

No threshold, none, nothing, zip

  • 0-GBP7,500 is 12.5%
  • GBP7,501 - GBP15,000 is 17.5%
  • GBP15,001 and over is 22.5%

Please note this is not incremental - for example if you bill GBP16k in one month, you would receive 22.5% of the full GBP16k = GBP3,600

Few months like that, and your out of mum and dads or that grotty rental flat where the landlord still hasn't sorted the condensation on the windows, and you're on the property ladder.

Sure, their bonus wage bill is huge, but it has ensured nearly zero attrition, stable teams and consistent service levels to clients and candidates. That consistency in service has led to the retention of client relationships, enhanced reputation for results and increased profitability. You would assume more recruitment businesses understood this blindingly obvious fact, they don't, because to them, you're a cash cow, and that's why you're reading this???

The teams are picking up huge amounts of business and client relationships at good fee levels. This is not a company that sells based on being cheap or offers low flat fees to just get any money on the board. IF you are in a candidate led market, and you're doing GBP1000 flat fees, your wasting your own time.

All available position are growth hires. This is not replacing someone who has left. The company is doing well, and the growth is creating more senior longer-term career opportunities.

Serious about recruitment? Serious about having a career and being tangibly rewarded for your hard work? Then we need to be talking. Pick up the phone.

Jayne or Ben at Conrad Brookes Consultancy Ltd