25000.00 - 30000.00 GBP Annual + GBP25000 - GBP30000/annum
31 May 2018
28 Jun 2018
Public Sector
Contract Type
To prevent and detect crime. To investigate criminal activity.
To actively participate in a wide range of evidence gathering
and criminal investigation tasks involving victims, witnesses,
technical sources and suspects.


1. Investigate offences of crime, and to actively participate in a wide range of evidence
gathering and crime investigation tasks. Exercising designated Investigating Officer

2. To interview and record the evidence of victims of crime and witnesses to crime, in
statement form or by an ABE interview as appropriate. In some cases this will need
to be supported by the gathering of appropriate medical and forensic evidence.

3. To act as liaison officer for victims and witness of crime, and where appropriate
support them through the criminal justice process. This will include providing regular

and ad hoc updates on investigations to victims of crime as appropriate.
4. To formally interview suspects in a manner that is compliant with PACE and other

5. To secure and preserve evidence through the proficient use of certain technical
equipment. Examples of such technical equipment and IT systems include digital
cameras, audio-video recording equipment, CCTV download systems, police
intelligence systems, property management systems and file preparation systems.

6. To attend scenes of crime and ensure that all available evidence is protected and
secured in order to maximise forensic opportunities (i.e. manage the so-called
"Golden Hour").

7. To prepare and submit complete evidential files to the Crown Prosecution Service
observing the highest professional standards, and meeting the required Manual of
Guidance standards in relation to quality, timeliness, disclosure and evidential
integrity. Then to attend court hearings, where necessary, to present the evidence
in person