Interim Tax manager

Morgan Law
£400 per day
10 Aug 2017
31 Aug 2017
Contract Type
Full Time


The post holder is responsible for managing all tax related activity across te organisation The post will work with the financial accounting team to ensure that all tax requirements are met including, gathering information to support tax calculations, liaising with HMRC, preparing for new taxes and change in tax law, record keeping and settlement of tax.


No direct reports


The role will be part of the Finance and Commercial Directorate and specifically the Finance Team. The Finance Team is responsible for managing all aspects of the day to day finances of the organisation. It collects grant funding from the Department for Transport (DfT) which allows the organisation to pay its staff and suppliers. It applies financial control, cost assurance, and provides analysis and planning.


  • Ensuring the organisation’s compliance with all relevant UK tax law, HMRC and other government bodies’ regulations including making preparations for managing new taxes and changes in tax rules (e.g. new IR35 rules).
  • Preparation and submission of tax returns including regular VAT returns, PSA settlement, corporation tax/business rates, construction industry scheme, and other taxes
  • Accurate interpretation and implementation of tax rules to ensure a predictable cash flow, long range forecasting/ budgeting, and lifetime costing
  • Management of a financial compliance call off contract to secure specialist financial and tax advisory support, ensure good value for money through the contract and clear record keeping and advice as required for more detail tax issues.
  • Implement and maintain robust financial processes and controls to manage tax across the business. Ensure the necessary governance and processes required to ensure compliance, and manage the information and reporting from the existing business systems
  • Address financial and tax issues resulting from one off projects or issues and on areas of tax that will apply to the organisation at different stages of its project life cycle
  • Ensure that the Business System are configured to enable efficient collection of information and production of reports/outputs required to meet tax submission requirements
  • Provide tax advice and guidance to the business as required and training to staff involved in the process of preparing material for tax submissions.
  • Ensure that effective preventative and detective anti-fraud and bribery controls are in place for the preparation and processing of tax transactions.
  • Analysing with large data sets in Excel whilst systems are developed.


The post holder can decide the following:

  • Tax policy, procedure and standards to be applied to the business
  • Key liaison with HMRC and decisions relating to relationship and approach and resourcing require to manage the tax requirements


  • There are multiple taxes that require regular management and settlement including, but not limited to, VAT, corporation tax, employment taxes, construction industry scheme, IR35 regulations, apprenticeship levy, environmental taxes, insurance tax, stamp duty land tax, research and development relief.
  • There is one key tax advisory contract (compliance) to manage and multiple stakeholders to manage including, but not limited to; HMRC, DfT, Treasury.
  • Initially there are no direct reports, however, this will be subject to review based on future requirements and workload.


  • Client Relationship Managers for HMRC - providing a single point of contact
  • DfT - to demonstrate compliance and interface with the Tax Group
  • Financial Accountants - as the interface for tax
  • ERP Oracle team - as the new system is developed (interface tax issues)
  • Finance - to provide management information on costs of tax


  • Management across a range of detailed and complex taxes. Implications of non-compliance are both financial and reputational.
  • Management of tax information and records required to support submissions into HMRC and other government departments
  • Driving change as the organisation develops and the requirements for tax compliance increases in line with the activities undertaken and the scale of spend


  • Ability to manage range of tax issues across a large public sector organisation, dealing with range of tax types and associated control functions within large organisations.
  • Ability to work in a leadership position for tax, enforcing compliance and producing reporting but also affecting understanding and behaviour across a large organisation.
  • Ability to explain complex concepts, whether legal, financial or otherwise and influence all levels of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Qualified ACCA/ACA or equivalent with strong tax accounting skills (in the UK, GAAP and IFRS).


  • Knowledge of tax management in a large organisation and the associated policies and processes.
  • Knowledge of statutory and government tax requirements and background in responding to HMRC and other government bodies on tax issues and reporting on freedom of information requests and parliamentary questions.


  • Experience of implementing and enforcing tax compliance; including implementing system change, monitoring performance, and implementing improvement plans.
  • Experience of successfully working at all levels of seniority in a large organisation including working with tax compliance contracts and across government departments.