CNC Programmer

Utopia Bathroom Group Limited
27 Jul 2017
24 Aug 2017
Contract Type
Full Time
Department: Marketing & Product Design

Accountable To: Product Engineering Manager

A member of the marketing & product design team committed to the ambition of becoming the best in the industry, delivering market leading products and an inspirational experience across all brand touch points. You will work closely with the Product Engineering Manager to develop innovative products and implement them with our industry leading production team.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities of a CNC Programmer

- Create programs based on 2D drawing 3D CAD file or product specification
- Ownership of product approval against specification
- Create instructions for machinists
- Review 3D CAD design and 2D drawings
- Cross functional negotiation for access to machines and materials
- Makes calculations for programming including where materials should be cut
- Translate instructions into a computer automated manufacturing (CAM) program
- Communicate with engineers and clients who will use the programs
- Check completed programs by running simulations or tests
- Prepare geometric layout of designs using proper software
- Determine sequence of operations in a program
- Choose cutting tools that will be needed
- Analyse job order and performs necessary calculations
- Write programs and modifies existing ones for increased efficiency
- Analyse and selects speeds and cutting tools for programs
- Make improvements to set up times for a task and contouring of complex shapes
- Simplify tooling time for workers and increases productivity for the client
- Evaluates all completed designs to validate their functions and ensure they successfully reduce time and money for the client
- Monitor all programs to make sure they follow drawings instructions and safely and successfully complete the task
- Provide training for operators on automated systems
- Compile with all safety rules and regulations
- Continue process and efficacy improvement and enforcement

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

- Must have strong computer programming skills
- Must have excellent programming language comprehension skills
- Must have good problem solving skills
- Must have excellent time management skills
- Must have good organizational and planning skills
- Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Must be mechanically minded
- Knowledge of metal and wood shop work
- Must be highly detail oriented
- Must be able to work effectively with little or no supervision
- Must have the ability to write and read complex spreadsheets
- Knowledge of safety measures pertinent to each job assignment

Education and Experience

- Degree equivalent in CNC programming or computer-related field or a mechanical field
- Knowledge of electronics and machine tools
- Experience with programming
- Continuing education to learn new techniques as they emerge
- Certification through the NIMS

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