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Shrewsbury School

Mark Turner took over as Headmaster of Shrewsbury School in September 2010.

Now that I have been in post at Shrewsbury for several years, I am delighted to be able to invite you to visit our school, confident that we have some of the most inspirational people, the most beautiful site and the widest range of educational opportunities available anywhere in the world.

British independent boarding schools are one of the things that Britain does best.  Here at Shrewsbury, we have tried, through our '2020 Vision’ development plan, to harness the best of the School’s time-honoured traditions and values with a forward-looking approach, to ensure we remain dynamic and relevant into the future.  Our school is an exciting place to be.  Also, since its introduction in 2008, co-education has been a huge success.  In eight years we have expanded to become the largest provider of independent sixth form education in Shropshire. In September 2014 we were delighted to build on that success and momentum by welcoming our first cohort of 13+ and 14+ girls.

We believe in equality, offering the same wonderful opportunities to both boys and girls for a fairer future; we believe in aspiring for excellence and doing our best; and we believe in ambition, which is why you will find Shrewsbury School, as a community, and Salopians, as individuals, reaching for the stars.

Mark Turner

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