Bridgnorth Aluminium

United Kingdom

About Bridgnorth Aluminium

Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd is a leading supplier of high quality aluminium strip, sold to businesses in the lithographic, packaging, electrical and automotive industries. End uses for our product include:

  • The manufacturing of printing plates, used in the offset printing of newspapers and magazines
  • The rolling of our foilstock to create foil suitable for household use and blister packs
  • The manufacturing of transformer windings for use in electrical applications
  • The manufacturing of heat shields for automotive applications

Since establishing our site in Bridgnorth in the 1950s, Bridgnorth Aluminium Ltd has grown to become one of the town’s largest employers. Over 350 people work for us in a variety of operational, administrative and strategic roles.

With a growing international business, we are on the lookout for high quality candidates to help maintain our strong reputation through their experience, skill, hard work and positivity. In return, we offer generous employee benefits and competitive salaries.

Our Processes


Our aluminium strip is formed from metal slabs, largely sourced from our own casthouse. Scrap metal and purchased ingot are melted, poured into moulds and cast to form solid slabs. The metal slabs are then rolled on our hot-rolling and tandem mills to form a thin aluminium strip, coiled at the end of the line to facilitate transportation to our other process areas. Following further rolling the coiled aluminium strip is transported to one of our finishing centres for further processing:

  • The original Litho Centre
  • Litho Centre 2 (a £60m investment we made in 2015-16)
  • Our multi-slitting line

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