Orchard Environmental

United Kingdom

About Orchard Environmental

From our central location in the West Midlands we design and manufacture chemical process plant, both automated and manual. We specialise in odour control systems, fume extraction and removal systems, wet gas scrubbers and effluent systems.

Our manufacturing policy is one of strict compliance with standards and manufacturers’ recommended Codes of Practice. We supply design calculations and material manufacturers’ verification of suitability with all equipment we design and specify. We have a well-educated staff with many years’ experience in process design. We utilise CAD drawings plus a range of programmes to assist in design and project management.

We Specialise in:

  • The design, manufacture and installation of odour treatments systems to the food industry.
  • The design, manufacture and installation of automated chemical cleaning plant for the aero engine and gas turbine industry.
  • Fume extraction and wet gas scrubbers, to meet the latest environmental regulations.
  • We offer on-site servicing, optimisation and maintenance of wet gas scrubbers.
  • The handling and treatment of chemical effluent to meet customer’s consent conditions.
  • Environmental assessment of your present system.
  • We manufacture one off fabrications in all thermoplastic materials, tanks etc.
  • We undertake on-site maintenance and repair on all of the above.

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