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About Unique Care Homes Limited

Unique Care Homes Ltd offers you full specialist training, support and continued personal development and an attractive salary.

Unique Care Homes is a new vibrant company with a new and energetic management team. Our owner has asked the Head of Care and her team to develop excellent, high quality specialist children’s services which have a positive transformative impact in the lives of the children and young people we work with.

The Directors, who are all sector experts with proven track records in their fields, are determined to use their opportunity to grow and develop Unique Care Homes into a nationally renowned centre of excellence. This is an ambitious project and the company will require as many talented professionals as possible.

Primarily and fundamentally, your role will be to care for the children and young people who are placed with us. If you are starting out on your career in Children and Young People’s services, then you will be inspired by and learn from a team of motivated staff, who will guide and support you in your new role.

If you join us with qualifications and experience, then we will give you the opportunity to develop and grow in your career as part of a nationally renowned company.

Plato Training is a leading Training provider offering Accredited and Government funded Apprenticeship programs in Health and Social Care, Caring for Children and Young People, Business & Management. We offer both work based training and have funding for Adult & Young People Apprenticeships Level 2- Level 5. All our qualifications are accredited by Pearsons/Edexcel.

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