The Summerhill School

United Kingdom

About The Summerhill School

Summerhill Vision Statement

‘Success through caring’

At Summerhill this means:

1) Learning is at the heart of Summerhill School

We are passionate about developing our knowledge of what makes for effective learning in the classroom. Lessons are designed to be fun, active, relevant and varied. Staff training revolves around a constant search for ever more effective ways to help students learn and develop the skills of learning.

We aim for students to:

  • enjoy learning and want to continue learning throughout life
  • achieve their highest personal standard
  • be flexible and responsive to a changing world

2) Students work best in a calm, safe attractive environment

For students to thrive and achieve well at school there has to be a calm, safe environment for them to work. We are proud of our clear behaviour policy. Staff have consistently high expectations of the standards of behaviour required by students in lessons and around the school. Our outstanding pastoral care means we act promptly to ensure students are not distracted from their learning.

We aim for students to:

  • work in a safe, secure and stimulating environment which is conducive to learning
  • have deserved high self-esteem and high expectations of themselves
  • show respect for the beliefs and values of others in the school community

3) All students will experience success

Success breeds success. Students who achieve well in one area are likely to want to achieve well in other areas. We therefore aim to provide every opportunity for all students to experience success as part of their school life. Our wide ranging provision includes foreign visits and exchanges, music and drama productions, many sports teams, charity work, talent shows, field trips, community work, buddy schemes and school council involvement in the running of the school.

We aim for students to:

  • develop personal qualities and interests by engaging in enrichment activities outside the traditional curriculum
  • participate in an active and supportive partnership with the local community
  • develop the qualities of good local and global citizenship

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